Recent Project

Lately when I open Scrivener, I get noveltitle-bak3.scriv
and noveltitle.scriv.
(I’m using noveltitle here as a placeholder as I’m holding back the title of my novel. I’m sure you understand)
How do I stop the bak3 from showing up?

Does it matter? You obviously have opened the bak-file at some point, which makes the OS list it as recent.

You can clear the Recent Projects menu and let it repopulate itself.

This menu is actually generated by Mac OS. Scrivener has no direct control over it.

(Which, incidentally, means that it can be unreliable, particularly after system updates. If you need to be sure what project you’re actually opening, use Finder.)


Open Scrivener. Go to the list of recent items (think it is under File > Recent Projects, but not at a Mac right now to check) and choose Clear Menu. Quit Scrivener and the item should clear from everywhere, including the dock.

EDIT: didn’t mean to tread on Katherine’s toes. Must have been writing at the same time.

Thank you all.

I saw the option to clear menu, but was hesitant thinking it would eliminate the 60 chapters I’ve completed.