"Recent Projects" list always empty

Although I create and open .scriv documents daily, at no time is there ever anything in the “Recent Projects” list in the File Menu. It’s always empty. “Clear Menu” is the only selection visible in the sub-menu, and it is greyed out.
Is there something I need to clear or delete in order to restart the Recent Projects list?
BTW I am running the same version of Scrivener and the same Mac OS on my MacBook Pro, and the “Recent Projects” menu works fine there.

Scrivener for Mac Version 2.4.1 (22817)
Mac OS X 10.8.5, Dual Quad iMac

Most commonly this is just down to having the Mac’s system preferences set so that no recent files are remembered. Using the System Preferences panel, click on “General” and make sure that the number of recent documents is set to something greater than, well, “None”. :slight_smile:

In the Mac System Prefs, it is already set to show 50 items. Any other ideas? I’m stumped.

Okay, in that case I would first check to make sure other programs are working. Try loading a file in TextEdit and see if it shows up. If it does, it could just be that the file the Mac uses to store information about the stuff you’ve loaded recently in Scrivener is jammed up.

  1. Use the main Scrivener menu, and select [b]Reveal Support Folder in Finder[/b]. This will open a Finder window for you.
  2. Close Scrivener.
  3. In the Finder window, navigate up two folders ([b]Cmd-UpArrow[/b]), and then down from Library into the Preferences folder.
  4. In the Finder search bar, type in ‘scrivener2’ and make sure the search bar is set to search in “Preferences”.
  5. You should get two files; drag and drop to move this two file to the desktop:


Note the other file contains your settings. There should be no need to mess with that.

  1. Launch Scrivener and load a project from the disk.

  2. You should see the file pop up again immediately in the Finder window, and hopefully there will be an entry in the menu now.

The Recent Items/Files menu works fine in other apps on my iMac.

I did as you suggested, trashed “com.literatureandlatte.scrivener2.LSSharedFileList.plist”, and rebooted Scrivener.

Still nothing. I opened, closed, created a new file, did a save as, quit, rebooted, all several times. Nothing in the Recent Projects list.

I hate to make a big deal out of it, as the program is otherwise a total champion. But it’s an inconvenience, and my other setup (MacBook Pro) has no problems whatsoever.

If someone has another tip short of reinstalling, I’ll try it. Otherwise maybe I just need to live with the issue.


I can’t think of anything else short of re-installing the software and resetting the other preferences file as well. That one shouldn’t impact it, but who knows, it’s better to do a full re-install if you’re going to do it. Note you can save your settings using the “Manage” button in the Preferences panel. You can load those back in later from the preset or file.

To be honest I feel that is a bit of a long shot. This menu we’re dealing with is more a feature of the operating system, than Scrivener. It’s a bit like the Services menu, which shows you what other programs can do with the data you currently have selected. I don’t know what could cause it to break for one program but not others, short of the file we already tested. In my own personal experience, I’ve never learned to trust that menu. It seems to flake out in all of my software. I use it when I can, but I’ve learned to find other habits for loading data (I use LaunchBar, but QuickSilver still works too. I’m usually only five or six keystrokes away from any project on my computer).

Thanks, you’re right, it’s not worth a re-install and that’s probably not the problem anyway.

There are lots of workarounds, as you suggest.

Thanks again. Scrivener is an amazing product and I love using it.