Recent Projects

Hi Keith,

This is an odd (though not terribly important) question about Scriv’s behaviour. I am currently running two projects. Sometimes both are open simultaneously, sometimes one, sometimes the other. I make a habit of backing up my projects at the end of a session, then quitting Scrivener.

When I reopen Scrivener the next day, sometimes no recent project opens automatically, sometimes one of them opens, sometimes the other, and sometimes both. As I said, it’s no big deal, but I’m curious — I can’t figure out what variables cause this changing behaviour. Any clues?



It entirely depends on what was open when you quit Scrivener. So if you closed both projects before quiting, then neither will open when launch next. Scrivener reopens projects that were open when you quit, which is saved separately to the “Recent projects” menu item’s list.

Thanks for the quick response, Keith.

I thought I’d tested out the various close-before-quitting sequences, but I guess not.

Thanks again for the great app. I’m rapidly closing in on my deadline for a 300-page
non-fiction book, and my sidekick, Scrivener, makes every day a productive pleasure.

Heck, I sometimes wonder what it needs me for!