Recommended for emulation?

Hello everyone.

I am an aspiring writer (primarily non-fiction) who would like to use the full featured version of Scrivener. Alas I am also a Windows user, so rather than sacrifice some features I am wondering about the possibility of using a Mac emulator instead so I can run Scrivener 2.2 on my Asus laptop.

There’s no lack of emulation guides (for instance, this one) but I am wary of investing time and money into this without hearing about other’s experiences first. Do any of you use an emulated Mac version? If so, has it worked for you, or did you find the switch to Windows to ultimately be your better option? Thanks!

use the windows version or create a linux vm.

The reality is that the windows version is vert very good. There is huge effort underway to get feature parity so you won’t miss much. Which means that unless you have a very specific thing that you need that is know to be missing, you will be just fine with the windows version.

BTW, the current windows version is well ahead of where many of us started with scrivener. Many works were published on the early versions. Much of the current “bling” isn’t “needed” to be productive with scriv.

Plus, you’re risking the installation of malware along with the hacked Mac OSX image, and adding a bunch of OS maintainence should security updates break the hacked install. Better to focus on your writing than to learn yet more system administration.

Unless you’re writing about Virtual Hackintoshes…