Recover Lost File on iOS

I recently began a novelette and was roughly 12,000 words in. I synced it with dropbox before I started writing, and synced several times while writing. Yesterday I closed the app, after returning to the project screen and re-syncing. Today when I opened the app to continue, the page was completely blank. I checked dropbox and it says the most recent backup was on 3 months ago. I then tried to look for revisions, but discovered the iOS app for some reason doesn’t suppor that. This is double-bad as I work exclusively on an iPad.


(I don’t own a laptop)

Sorry, I’ll tell you up front this reply isn’t going to be much help to you, as all the recovery solutions I have experience with involve a PC or a Mac. Hopefully someone with a deeper knowledge of iOS apps will come along with some ideas.

But, have you ever backed the project up? By that I mean from Scrivener Projects Screen > Edit > Select Project > Send a Copy (icon on bottom with up-arrow). If you have done that, then at least you have a version of the project safely zipped and stored somewhere.

That’s a great idea. On iOS you select the project then tap the share icon. It’s still a manual process, but it’s easy.

Thank you!