recovering an earlier version of a file

does anyone have any experience w/ recovering an earlier version of a saved file?


If you’re referring to Scrivener’s automatic backups, you should probably go over §7.8.4 (pg. 64–5 in the user manual PDF). It has full instructions on how to make use of Scrivener’s automatic backup feature.

The basic theory is though, restoring a project restores the whole thing so if you only need to patch one small part of a project, and indeed wouldn’t want to step a week back in time because other parts of the project have advanced, then you’ll need to open up both the backup copy and the working copy side by side and drag the pieces you wish to restore into the working project. The mentioned section of documentation addresses this scenario as well.

AmberV - thank you! That’s exactly the information I need. I haven’t worked on my project for about two weeks since I was out of town and this morning I think I messed it up. Stepping back a whole week is precisely what I need to do.

You’re welcome! I noticed there is a typo in that section that caused a phrase meant for Windows to creep in. Ignore the part following “WIN:” para 1 of pg. 65.