Recovering files from 2017

Hey all,

I’m trying to open scrivener files from 2017 with the new version, and when I click on the file, I get the attached message. If I click cancel it stops trying to open the file. If I click Update Project, it makes a backup copy and the resulting file is just a blank novel template. Any suggestions on how to open my old file? Thanks!
Screen Shot.png

If the “updated” project is blank, then the original project probably has the same issue.

Was it originally created on this computer, or moved from another system?


It was originally created on this computer, and those files are not blank. They weren’t the last time I opened them, so I can’t imagine what would have caused them to be blank in the meantime.

I was able to open an even older file without issue.

I’m also getting a prompt to enter a license number, which I did when I upgraded my older version.

Is the current computer still able to run Scrivener 2? If so, I’d recommend using Scrivener 2 to inspect the project before conversion to the new format. That will help pin down exactly where the problem is.

Also, are you using iOS Scrivener? I’ve seen a few cases where a project with unsynchronized changes can have some issues when upgrading to Scrivener 3 format.