Recovery Help Needed

I almost had a melt-down yesterday after doing some ‘housekeeping’ in my OneDrive folder that saves all of my Scrivener backups. Naively, I thought that I was safely tidying up the folder by deleting everything but the most recent backup. When I returned to Scrivener, it had NO project there. Nothing. :open_mouth: After getting over the feeling of utter nausea of losing almost 70,000 words, I logged into OneDrive website and found all the files in the Recycle bin. I’ve now restored all the files to the original OneDrive folder but now I dont’ know how to get them back to Scrivener. Do I have to start again with a new project? How do I know which files to drag over and which to leave behind? Will it bring back my lovely corkboard with all the memo notes/synopses? I have been through the Scriv Manual and checked the instructions there but nothing has worked so far. I can access the Zip files now but can’t open the .scriv file as it keeps stating that there’s a ‘Location Access Error’ and ‘Autosaves needs write permission to the project.’ I feel so dumb for doing this (and a little traumatised from feeling the horror of thinking I’d lost three months’ worth of book-writing!) Hoping someone might be able to help please? Also, what else should I be doing to back up other than ‘Back Up To OneDrive’ every day? I’ve even thought about emailing myself a copy of what I’ve written at the end of every day’s writing. :blush: TIA

By default (and a good idea), backups are Zip files … a compressed version of the project. Scrivener cannot open a Zip file, but you can decompress a zip file and the result is the project as of the time the Zip file was created.

My video at the Dropbox link may help: