Redefining formatting of footnotes

As mentioned in another post a few minutes ago, I’m in the process of converting an involved writing project spread over many Word and Page formatted documents to a Scrivener project. With the help of Nisus documents are coming in with comments and footnotes intact. The only problem is that the formatting of footnotes in the Inspector column is kinda screwed up, e.g., different fonts, margins, some with indents at the beginning of the footnote, some without.

I’ve been copying them out one-by-one into an empty page in the editor, reformatting them there, then copying them back. Is there a way I can change the formatting of all current footnotes all at once?

While I’m at it, the fonts in footnotes and comments are different. I’d like them to be the same. Assuming there’s a way to do a global change for footnotes, the same method could be used with comments?


In Scrivener>Preferences:Formatting, set the font and size you want to use for footnotes and check the box to “use for inspector footnotes too.” (Even if you have your project set to override the default text preferences, you need to ensure this box is checked, although you’d then set the footnote font and size in the Project>Text Preferences… window along with your project-specific text preferences.) Also set the font and size for inspector comments. Then open all the documents with the inspector comments and footnotes in a Scrivenings session, so all the comments/footnotes will appear in the inspector. Select all there and then right-click and choose “convert to default formatting.”

I see where to set the font for footnotes, but I don’t see “use for inspector footnotes too.”

This answers my question in my last response on the other thread about where you set project preferences.

Not finding the place to change formatting for inspector comments, either.

That’s what I was looking for. As I say, loving Scrivener. So far there’s been a way to do everything I’ve wanted to do.

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In Scrivener>Preferences:Formatting, you should see this. That’s what you want. Even if you’re setting project-specific preferences via Project>Text Preferences… you still need to check the “use for inspector footnotes too” in the global preferences box here. You also only set comments by this pane; I don’t think there’s a way to do that per-project.

For project-specific footnote text, in the Project>Text Preferences… pane be sure to check both boxes–at the top, to “override text formatting for this project” and then at the bottom to “use different font for footnotes.”

Thanks for clarifying this for me. I’ve got the picture now.

Speaking of “getting the picture,” how did you get that image? I tried using the Grab utility, but it saves the file as a tiff file, and the forum doesn’t allow uploading tiff files.


Glad you’ve got it working!

You can open up your .tiff files in Preview and save them as another format (png and jpg are both accepted by the forum). But (when I remember the shortcut :unamused: ), I usually just use the built-in screenshot tool: cmd-shift-4 and drag to select the area to capture. It creates a .png by default and dumps it on your desktop; you can hold ctrl to have it go to the clipboard so you can paste it elsewhere (although that’s not really useful for the forum). There’s a slew of other shortcuts for capturing the entire screen, entire window, the menu bar, etc., but I never use them so I don’t remember. You can look up “screenshot” under the OS help and it should pull up a page for you.

Thanks for aprising me of the options. I’ve not had occasion to use screenshots in the past. I can see they come in handy at times here.

I’m really enjoying working in Scrivener. Along with some other things going on in my life, about which I’m not clear, justsense them, it seems to be changing the way I write and my writing, too. I’m more focused, more trusting of myself, moving ahead, not looking back, having second thoughts, getting discouraged. I’m going with it. I sense it’s gonna last.


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