reference and image file and then export to PDF

I’m using Scrivener and have embedded the jpg image I want to use in the Research section. I use the following text directly in my document:

contents at the beginning of this tutorial.

[folderContents]: 001 “Folder Contents” width=199px height=312px

Note that the 001 is a Scrivener Link to the file. When I do the Compile Draft I get the 2 files in the same folder output:

The I launch TeXShop and tell it to typset and the image doesn’t show up in the pdf. Here is the source in the tex file:

my Squeak development folder’s contents at the beginning of this tutorial.

[folderContents]: 001.jpg ``Folder Contents’’ width=199px height=312px

I have tried numerous things and cannot seem to get this to work. What am I missing?

It seems like (Multi?)Markdown fails to process your command because of the Typographer’s Quotes. You have to use “dumb” quotes:

[folderContents]: 001 “Folder Contents” width=199px height=312px

That was it. A heartfelt thanks goes out to you.

I noticed the mixed quotes in the tex output file contents and figured that was a problem. However I misunderstood the reason and I missed the correct fix. I tried manually editing the tex file to change the quotes, but as I can now see, that was too late.

Modifying the text in Scrivener by “Straighten Quotes” fixed it.

OK. On to writing my tutorial…

  • Steve