Reference to chapter/section using placeholders

Hello, I am trying to use placeholder for reference a specific chapter of my document, in order to obtain at the end something like:

Currently I am automatically numbering the chapters with <$hn> and using the name I gave to the documents in the binder. With the current compiling I have something like:

Chapter 1 Tomatoes

1.1 How to grow tomatoes
1.2 How to cook tomatoes
1.3 How to digest tomatoes

In the text I just want to refer to one of these section using a placeholder instead of checking them manually. I suppose it is possible, but I do not understand how. I do not need to create a link in the document (I tried with scrivener link), I would just like to have a way to refers to them using a variable.
Moreover, I would love to just refer to the section number and do not include the title, so having something like “see 1.1 for more information”
I suppose if the method works with a single section, it would also work with the whole chapter, right?

From the lack of answers I assume it is not possible :frowning:
Can someone confirm me that? I will try to find a workaround somehow :slight_smile:

I’m fairly sure it can be done — but I’m not the person to tell you how to do it as I don’t use the feature myself. I know others do on the forum though.

Have a look in the manual: s10.4.1. looks like it covers the basics. Sorry I can’t be of any more help…

Thanks! It is indeed possible. I just finally found out and I have to admit that it was way easier than I though. You just need a Scrivener link to the section and check the option “Update titles in document links with prefix and suffix settings” and “Only use title prefix in updated links” and the work is done. :smiley:

I have the same issue, but can’t reproduce your solution.
“Scrivener Link” means a bookmark, right? I can’t find the checks for prefix you mentioned…
Could you explain a bit more in detail please?


There is a section in “Document Title Links” visible when edit the format of the export.
However, I have to admit, it does not work as in scrivener 2, because the link to the chapters are not transformed. Hope someone can help me with that