Referenced inline footnotes - I follow the manual, nothing happens

In Scrivener manual it says to create an inline reference and inside put some unique alias like


and then somewhere in the page put

[REF1] This is the footnote text

The compiler should take care of the rest.
It does not work for me, what am I doing wrong?

Latest Scrivener, OSX.

I’ve double-checked and this all works fine for me. Perhaps you could post a screenshot of your actual project, or a sample project showing the issue?

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Well, despite the steps described in my first post, my compile options are somewhat different from default:

Export as PDF

In the format settings (I’ve created a new one, named “Test format 1”), inside “Footnotes & Comments”, my configs are as the images attached:


So my Footnotes and Endnotes are using different formats (A B C and 1 2 3, the former to actual chapter footnotes and the latter for bibliography), and thats what I want.

Everything sorta works, but the REF1 text goes empty on pages with footnotes:

But when exported, the reference goes empty.

Yea, just by posting my previous reply I sorted out.

The reference text, ALSO gotta be an inline footnote (gotta be greyed out, as any default inline footnote) and the reference (in my case REF1, AND the actual reference text), gotta be inside the greyed area.

So it works!!

Now I just gotta find out how to restart the footnotes numbering, by chapter :neutral_face:

In the example you show, the actual footnote is not formatted as an inline note, while in the screenshot you show in your first post, it appears to be formatted as an inline note. Is that, perhaps, the problem?

OK – I see you sorted it while I was typing …

What am I missing? Like the OP, I’m following the instructions letter for letter, but am still not getting the desired results.

Both the text document and the citations list document are included in Print > PDF. Same for compiled output.

:::scratching my head:::

Aaaaaaand…where did the OP find format settings for footnotes and endnotes? I’ve searched every panel in Preferences, Toolbar icon > Settings, and Compile. Also did a word search through the user’s manual, but no joy.

Only thing I can think of – Are you placing the marker plus the content in the same document?

Excerpt from Sec. 18.2.3 of the manual:

The OP’s footnote format pane screenshot is from the Compile Format Designer which is explained in chapter 24 of the manual; specifically 24.19 for Comments and Footnotes.

Example below after initiating Compile, choosing the Format in the left column, then clicking the + sign at the bottom of that same column. In this case, I chose to Duplicate & Edit Format for the Enumerated Outline format* which then opened to the Designer. In its left column, choose Footnotes & Comments for the footnote formatting options.

*As noted in the screenshot, you can choose to create an entirely new Compile format from scratch, rather than duplicate.

From @scshrugged:

No–I’m trying to create a referenced footnote: 18.2.2 Referenced Inline Footnotes (directions on p. 459-60). Per step 2 in those directions:

Are you by any chance referencing an older manual? Mine–downloaded from the Scrivener site yesterday–shows section 18.2.3 as “Finding Inline Notation,” two sentences, no steps.

Ahhh. So the only way to access those settings is to duplicate + edit an existing format or create a new one from scratch. Thanks for the clarification.

That’s what it is––I used the manual accessed within Scrivener. I’m still on v3.1.3 as I’ve not upgraded to macOS 10.15 (I’m on 10.14.6). L&L changed the relevant notation of what the expected behavior should be. Thank you for the heads-up.

FWIW––I did test by placing the marker plus the content in and outside the marker document but could only get the desired compile result by placing it in the same document. Is the behavior Scriv and/or OS version dependent? Don’t know.

I’m still running 10.14.6 (and Scrivener 3.1.4). The manual embedded in the app matches what I downloaded from the website yesterday. It must have been updated for the -.4 bump.

Sounds like you’re seeing the same thing I am, drats. If the behavior is version dependent, one would certainly expect the manual directions and the output to correspond. Hmmm.

Hoping someone from Scrivener pops into the conversation to help out. Thanks for jumping in, @scshrugged.