Referenced text

Could we please have global text phrases.

My characters and companies all have things like tag lines or common remarks, so I have to search and replace constantly, but if I’ve mistyped I won’t find it.

I would love a place that holds text that I could then reference in all my regular files so that when I change it there, it changes everywhere. I suspect I’m not alone.

Thank you!

Create the text in a separate document and refer to it using the <$Include> Placeholder.

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Thank you, enormously! And could you please point me to somewhere I might read more about it (I’m finding things on existent information, but not custom).

Got it! Thank you so very, very much!!!

In case you haven’t found it yet, here is the reference to the documentation on this feature: §10.1.5, Including Text From Other Documents, in the user manual PDF. There are a few different ways you can use it, and it can even be used to pull data out of text files on your drive if you want—but for what you describe, keeping these snippets in the binder makes the most sense!


Depending on how long the boilerplate text is you might be able to do this with Compile time substitutions.


Yeah. I was gonna say something like that.
Say they’re all short text segments, you could use a specific tag (— something like a number referring to a specific text segment [=107] ) and replace those at compile, since by then you should know precisely what they have to be.

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But as I read it, the OP said that these text strings change and he would like to be able to change them in one place and that would be reflected in all.

It sees to me that <@include> serves that perfectly, where changing Compile replacements is more onerous.



Oh, COME ON! You couldn’t have told me that 10 years ago?!!?!

(Stupid pride that means I never read manuals)

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Thank you all! include is perfect!