Referencing Footnotes and Pages

I am drawing a non-fiction document with endnotes. I want to be able to reference other pages and notes from within later notes. For instance:

  • See infra, note xxx

  • See supra, pages xxx

Is there a way to place a character or some sort of marker at those locations and have the number automatically filled in when Scrivener compiles the document?

Hi seadog,

For those of us that have made the leap into the abyss and are using Scrivener with LaTeX (an excellent amalgam), a good reference for Labels and Cross-referencing can be found at: LaTeX/Labels and Cross-referencing.

Hope this can be of some help,

Hmmm . . . that may be beyond my capabilities, but I’ll look into it. Thaks for the tip!

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A good place to start LaTeX with Scrivener is the General Non-Fiction (LaTeX) Project Templates:

There is no doubt about it, LaTeX can be a challenge. If Scrivener has the capability you need without having to include LaTeX, it will simplify the effort needed to write what you need to.

I’ve been working with Scrivener + LaTeX for two years, and I’m still on a steep learning curve, albeit less steep than when I started. For me, Scrivener + LaTeX is a multiyear investment that has paid off handsomely, but that formula doesn’t fit everyone’s needs, nor their time budget.

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I suspect the figure number feature can be jiggered to do what you want, without LaTeX.

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That would be nice. If I figure out how to do so, I’ll post my findings here.

Did anyone ever figure this out? It’s kind of a very important feature and doesn’t seem in principle so difficult: I just want to insert inline in my main text a reference to a footnote number (which changes on being edited/compiled later). To be clear, e.g., “as explained above in footnote [35]” and have the [35] update according to any edits.

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