Refreshing Binder Selection After Search

I am having a challenge with something and I don’t know if it has already been addressed or not. It seems such a simple idea that I must be missing how Scrivener does it.

I am working on a document that has 26,000 words. I am continuing to pare down what I am trying to say so I will search for things I know I have already said somewhere else in the document and bring that into the present section.

I am very much enjoying how Scrivener allows me to option click in the Binder and select non sequential blocks of text. I do this quite a bit to ensure that I am not repeating myself and the flow of my argument remains logical (this is a legal case).

The challenge I am seeing is that, after I search using the upper middle search window and find the section I wanted and copy the text I wanted to find, there appears to be no simple way to kill the search and return to where I was when I started the search.

The same sections are still highlighted in the Binder, but when I kill the search, the Scrivener page goes blank and remains blank. The only way to return to where I was before the search that I can see is to start reselecting the Binder selections that I had the last time.

I must be missing something here as this is terribly inefficient. Isn’t there a back button, or a way to refresh the binder selection(s) to populate the Scrivener main window as it was before the search occurred?


So, if I’m following you, you’re using the quick search tool to find a document, then you load it into an editor, grab some text to search on, and then you want the editor to go back to the Scrivenings mode it was in, showing the selected documents in the binder.

Have you tried the “history” buttons at the top of the editor, which work like a web browser’s “back” and “forward” buttons? That usually works for me when this kind of thing happens.

Another option is to look into how to open that quick searched document in another editor, or in a quick reference (floating) window instead of your main editor. I think there’s a setting in preferences, or a keyboard combo + mouse click that will do that.

Great, thanks. I did a help search and found this in the menus. I will learn the keyboard shortcut for this command as I use this feature often. However, I am not seeing this in the top of the editor as history buttons. Can you post a screen shot of this or describe the buttons in more detail please?

Much thanks.

Scriv History Buttons.png
If you don’t see that, then try enabling the header: View->Editor Layout->Show Header View

OK, I see it now. Thanks again.