Refurb iPads heavily discounted

Those who’re planning to go with Scrivener for iOS but lack an iPad might want to check out these deals:

They’re refurb older models, but for writing in Scrivener, that iPad 2 for $140 is all you need. The reviews are quite positive. Some discounts are to about 1/3 the original retail price. I’ve had good luck buying small stuff from A4C, although I have never bought a tablet. One of their specialties is refurb tablets.

If you’d like an iPad to use traveling, the iPad Mini’s with unlocked cellular (GSM) data and a built-in GPS would be quite handy. Apple charges $130 to add cellular to an existing model. A4C is selling an iPad Mini with that for $160. My hunch is that those models aren’t used but excess inventory from either AT&T or T-Mobile, models they did not sell when they were current. If you’re not in the U.S., check and make sure the cellular will work in your country. I’m not sure if their free shipping applies overseas.

Keep in mind that there’s only a limited supply. The better the deal, the more likely it is to sell out.

Ah, if I didn’t have an iPad 3, I’d be tempted. The iPad 3 is a bit hefty.

–Mike Perry