RegEx my default for Project Search regardless of the state at close

I use RegEx a lot. My project search often has RegEx selected. But it seems wrong that I can switch to “Any Word” (instead of RegEx) and it will NOT REMEMBER IT when I close, then open the project again. MAYBE I installed RC9 when RegEx was selected. I’m not sure.

I’d say this is low priority, but thought I’d post it anyway.

For me it’s defaulting to Any Word and not remembering anything else. Does Reset Search Options make any difference?

In Scrivener 3 for macOS, the project remembers your selected search filters upon reopening, so this is likely a bug.

Thanks for the tip Amickie. I suspect it is a bug.

RobG, mine DID do that. But now remembers only RegEx. I think it doesn’t matter the selection… some action (e.g. what the selection is when an update is installed) causes it to stick. It should remember that state for the next session.

But this is NOT a big deal. Especially because I use RegEx more than the others. Thanks all.