Good morning to all
I am a fairly experienced user of Scrivener.
I have a problem concerning Regex.
I need to change the typographical body of a word (from normal to italic) throughout my project (a scientific research).
Can anyone suggest a solution?

You might be able to fake it with html, so a search and replace
and then use compile settings to get it out right. The \b is a word boundary. Watch your case-sensitivity.

I don’t think that can be done with regex in Scrivener.

Markdown would work, by searching for the word and replacing it with the same word (or phrase) bound by italics.



But that would have significant implications on the compile options.

Thank you very much
I will try it and let you know if it worked.

Yes, to confirm, regular expressions are a tool for matching text and modifying the characters of it. So unless for you “italics” means something that can be expressed with letters and punctuation marks (like Markdown), then it is of no use for this particular purpose. And in this case you probably don’t need a powerhouse like RegEx either, as all you’re doing is changing “this” to “this”. Any text editor made in the past 50 years can do that for you. :slight_smile: