Registering a portable version


According to the manual, you can use scrivener as a portable version. When I want to use scrivener at my desktop computer and my laptop, do I need multiple keys? And if not: Can I activate scrivener on multiple computers without any problems?

What I would like more is a real portable version where the key and all scrivener settings are saved within the folder on my USB drive.


Hi LordZed,

Cannot help you about portable version. Wait for an admin answer :wink:
But for your license question, check the screen below…

The same info can be had at the official FAQ, which also has a link to the full, license agreements for all their software: … e-computer

Perfect, thanks! :slight_smile: That’s enough for me to know that I can activate it on my notebook and my desktop computer.


Let me push this a bit further. Can I use my licence with both, my home computer (laptop) and with my computer at work (I am an employee, but am always using the same computer all the time. I’m in a closed office) which is part of a company network?

Does your employer allow staff to install software on their business computers? Many organisations have a clause in the employment contract that adding unauthorised software to a company machine is an instant dismissable event. So even if the Scrivener licensing policy permits the installation you need to check what your employers allow before you do anything else! Thankfully my boss is very flexible about installing software on the company’s machines … oh wait I am the boss and the only worker.

Hi Reep,

Thanks for the heads up. I am a boss in the company, not the boss of all bosses, only second in command. So it’s okay, no problem with software install. Now I just need to find out if Scrivener will allow it.

Being the boss makes it easier.

Do your people have to write reports? If so, why not talk to KB about a company licence? Using Scrivener for those reports will make them more readable and certainly better organised.

If you have bought your licence for home use, then we typically allow a single installation on a work computer as well, on condition that you are the sole user of that machine. So, as long as nobody else uses your work computer, you can install Scrivener onto it using your existing licence.

All the best,

Thank you Astrid. This is good news.

I have Scriv installed on my work computer and two home computers, in addition to a portable install on a flash drive (which I never use because it sometimes always seems to screw something up). All are registered and licensed, with no worries.

If by “portable” you mean a second installation on a laptop (that is, a “portable” device),then the answers above pointing to licensing matters apply.

But if “portable” means a fully self-contained installation of Scrivener, which does not write to the Windows registry, and which can be run from a flash drive (or from a Dropbox folder), then AFAIK that can not be done.

I am also interested in the USB portable version,
there are news about this ?