registration number

I bought a new iMac, and need to put Scrivener on it. I can’t find my registration number. Any ideas?

Whenever Keith goes on vacation, this kind of question comes up.
You may have to wait for him to return.

Or you could use the Migration Assistant to copy your applications, documents, and preferences to the new machine. MA is the name in Leopard; it may be different in Tiger.


I’m on a sort of coding holiday so I’m not completely away. :slight_smile: I’m with family in Cornwall, relaxing a bit but still in touch and I have access to e-mail - I’m just not checking it (or the forums) as regularly.

Drop me a line to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com with your registered e-mail address or postal address and I’ll look up your licence code for you.

All the best,

Thanks. :smiley: