Registration problem ?


a friend installed Scrivener some time ago on my Mac so that I could work with him on his project. He did it with his own serial number (he said it was ok to install it on 2 machines).

Now I want to buy Scrivener for myself. But I have a question before :

Do I have to uninstall his version ? How do I cancel his serial and validate mine ?

I tried to delete Scrivener from the Applications folder and replace it with the demo version, thinking I could buy it from there. But it still opens with his serial.

Thank you,

and sorry for the bad english, I’m an old froggy.

Hi galaakk,

Actually your friend was wrong and gave you that serial number illegally. :slight_smile: He is right that you are allowed to install Scrivener on more than one Mac - but only on other Macs that you own or which are owned by immediate family living in the same house as you. So you could install it on as many Macs as you want that are based predominantly in your house and which are used by you and your immediately family, but you can’t install it on friends’ machines. So, please give your friend a gentle slap on the wrist from me.

Great to hear that you want to buy it, though! You don’t need to uninstall it - all you need to do is unregister it. To do so, go to the Scrivener menu and choose “Registration…”. Then click on “Deactivate…” This will deactivate Scrivener and remove the serial number, throwing it back into trial mode.

Let me know if you need any more help getting up and running, though.

All the best,
(A “roast beef” from across the channel.)

Ok, I understand his mistake. I guess I was naive and he was… let’s say “light” with the rules.

Thank you very much for your answer, I’ll do as you say then happily buy it.

Bye, and long live to Scrivener, it changed my life.

*Edit : just bought it. Love you guys. :smiley:

Thanks for buying! Much appreciated!