Reinstall templates?

When I first started using Scrivener I was fiddling around and ineptly deleted some of the template for the novel manuscript.

Now, when I start the program and open a new project based on the novel manuscript template I get a "recovered files’ message, thus:

[size=85]While the project was opening, files were detected within the project package that do not exist in the binder. This may have been caused by a permissions conflict, in which the file system refused the deletion of files from inside the .scriv package that had been deleted from the project binder, or by synchronization between different versions of the project.

The recovered files can be found in the “_Recovered Files” folder at the bottom of the binder.

Scrivener attempts to recover such files whenever a project is opened. To disable this behaviour for a project, hold down the Option key while the project is opening. If file recovery is disabled, holding down the Option key on open will re-enable it.[/size]

…and when the project opens I’ve got a “recovered files” folder down the bottom which contains an index card with instructions about addressing and titling the novel - looks like part of what is supposed to be the title page.

I’ve since upgraded to 1.53 but I’m still getting this. Obviously it doesn’t really matter but I’d love to tidy it up. Is it possible to reinstall or repair this template in some way? It’s my own silly fault but thanks for any help with this.


You should be able to re-run the Extras installer, which you’ll find by downloading the DMG off of the main page. I’ve never tried doing that, but it might fix the templates without doing anything else. If that doesn’t work, you could move them out of the Library/Application Support/Scrivener folder first, and then run the installer.

Actually it’s not your own silly fault but mine. :slight_smile: This is a minor bug in 1.53 which will be fixed in the long overdue 1.54. The 1.5x versions got much better at determining if there were any files within the project package without an associated document in the binder (which could happen in the event of, say, a crash, where the binder hadn’t been saved properly, or if there was a read/write problem on your computer). However, after implementing that code I neglected to test it with the templates, and the templates were created in an earlier version of Scrivener which had a bug where synopsis text didn’t get deleted from the project package when a document was deleted. So the combination of these two things means that you get the message, because the templates do have a file in that should have been deleted.

I’ve fixed them for 1.54, so you can either wait for that or fix them yourself if it’s driving you batty. To fix them, you just need to create a new project from the affected template, and make a note or copy the description of the template. Then as soon as the new project is created, delete the _Recovered Files folder, click on “Start Here” again, empty the project trash and then go to File > Save As Template. Enter or paste the same description and title as the original template, and save this fixed version over the original. (This is the exact process I have taken to fix up the templates for 1.54.)

Sorry for the inconvenience.

All the best,

Well, I didn’t have to fiddle with it, did I? Thanks Keith. I’ll do your fix. I have to say this: the level of personal attention Scrivener users get, makes it a qualitatively different software-owning experience.


Thanks William, much appreciated. Actually, I just remembered something. I think if you download this version:

and install the extras from that, they should be okay - I think I fixed them before releasing that up. 1.54 is a couple of months overdue, but work on 2.0 has been insane - 1.54 will be out eventually though.

Thanks again and all the best,

Thanks Keith, that did the trick. I say go for it with 2.0 - I’m going to jump straight to it as soon as it’s out anyway. I shouldn’t speak for others but it seems unlikely to me that a lot of people will stay with 1.5x once 2.0 is out.


thanks!! i had the same problem!!