Reinstalling Scrivener after Windows Upgrade

Hi I have to do a reset on my laptop which will wipe everything. The programme/app I’m most worried about having back and up and running quickly is Scrivener! I have my original email with the details of how to set up. And I have my projects backed up on external drives and dropbox. So I just want to double check - will I just be able to reinstall Scrivener as per the original email which says ‘download the trial version’ then upgrade using the same serial number again? Thanks in advance for advice.

Yes, you can absolutely reinstall it on the new computer. You can put it on multiple computers with that serial (I think upwards of 5, but don’t quote me). You mention having your backups safe on an external drive, but I’d also recommend you saving copies of your preference data. You can do this from the options (F12) dialog box. Then on the new installation, you can import those preferences and Scriv will run the same way it did on the old machine. The same goes for layouts and compile preferences. If you’ve taken the time to set these things up already, make sure to back those up, too, so you don’t have to do it again.

Great. Thanks for the reassurance and for the extra tip about saving preferences. I can see there’s a way to save preferences for each section of the options screen, so have done that for a couple of those.

Hi - I’ve had to do this again due to my operating system keep crashing. Grrrr. I have reinstalled a blank version of Scrivener and have a Scrivener preferences file saved. Can someone please tell me how to use it?!

Also - I have another problem now - having imported my projects from my previous version (saved via Dropbox) they’re showing up correctly but not as clearly - ie the screen looks like someone’s taken a bad screenshot - slightly pixellated or something. It’s still legible but not as easy to read. I seem to remember this happened too in one of the updates…advice please?

Think I’ve sorted the fuzzy screen and may have worked out how to import preferences file.