Reinstated Scrivener after complete wipe not marrying up with docs

I had a problem with MacOS, took the laptop to an Apple shop. their solution was to wipe it. I’ve reinstated Scrivener but none of the docs that were in it will recognise it, or maybe Scrivener not recognising the docs. Either way when I try to open a document, I’m asked what application I wanted to link with. When I try to link with Scrivener, it doesn’t work. I’m stuck and I need those docs tomorrow. Can anyone advise?

I would first try reinstalling Scrivener fully:

  1. Move the current copy from Applications to the trash, empty the trash, then reboot. This is a bit more than you usually need to do, but it sounds like your file association database is a bit messed up, and that will often be all you need to do to reset it.
  2. Download a fresh copy of the installer and drop it into Applications.
  3. Run it, and from within Scrivener, use the File ▸ Open... command, navigating the file open dialogue to where one of your projects is located.

Once you’ve done that, you can try double-clicking on other projects in Finder to load them.

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thanks, I’ll try that now

sadly that hasn’t made any difference. still the same problem, except now the relevant docs are greyed out, so I can’t access them at all

Are you sure they are Scrivener projects, and not zipped copies from your backups? Try double-clicking in Finder and seeing if a copy with the right icon lands beside it. A screenshot or two might help, if that still isn’t the problem.

I did have to pull all my docs from backup, but I’ve assumed they are all on my local disc now. how do I test that?

Sorry, could you clarify the question you are asking? It sounds like you asking how to test what happens when double-clicking on something in Finder, and I’m not sure how that could be broken down much further.

Thanks for your help but I think it’s a problem that has to be fixed outside of Scrivener. I’m pursuing a different route for now. May have to come back but not tonight

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