Relative paths don't work in "File" links.

Scrivener: 2.4.1 (22817)
OS: 10.7.5

(This is more of a feature-request, but I’m phrasing it in the form of a bug to fit the forum theme).

(1) Select some text in a document and then select “Add Link…” (Edit menu).

(2) Select the “File” link type and add a relative path as the link destination.
For example, if the .scriv document is located:
And the file being referenced (linked to) is:
Then the relative link would be simply:

(3) Save link.

(4) Click on link.

Expected: linked document would open in external viewer :slight_smile:

Actual: nothing happens :frowning:

Why this functionality is useful:

I have a 1.4M Scrivener file that has links to ~480M of PDF reference documents. I do not want to include these PDF files in the Scrivener document because that would make it about 300x larger than it needs to be.

I backup my Scrivener file frequently (because I make a lot of changes to it) and don’t want the backup files to contain the (repeated) copies of these PDFs. I do backup the PDF reference documents, but that happens less frequently because they don’t change often (when I add/remove a doc).

Why not just store a full path to the document?

That’s what I’m doing currently. But if I move my ‘work’ directory to a new location on my disk (or to another machine), then all the links will be broken.

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This is a limitation of URLs in general, so certainly not a bug. File URLs require the full path - it’s just how file:// URLs have to work.

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