reloading scrivener

Hi there,
I purchased Scrivener a few months back and it has been a great experience. Scrivener is, hands down, the best writing program I have ever used.
Now, the issue. Last week my computer became deathly ill. It required a hard-drive transplant. Sadly, they were not able to retrieve the Scrivener program from the old hard drive and I need to re-download it. Even sadder, I have looked everywhere for my Scrivener receipt and cannot find it. I have my Scrivener files on a thumb drive. Is there anyway to re-download the program?
I sent you an email about this, then discovered this forum. Feel free to answer in whichever area is most convenient.
Thank you so much for your time and attention.
C.L. Roman

Hi Cheri,

I see that Astrid sent you a reply a couple hours ago to your support email, so please check for that–if it’s not in your inbox, check that it didn’t get caught in your spam filter. If it’s not there let me know and I’ll PM you with the info here. Meanwhile I’ve removed your personal info from the earlier post.

Thank you so much. I’ll check now.