Remember spirograph?

  • karen

Hiya Karen,
Since, what seems like, just after Noah noticed the flood waters receding, Ive been coming across the odd Spirograph cog in a box or a bag or a draw. Trouble is, its so many years between each finding, that I can never remember where Ive left the others. Its only ever a single cog, so its no use on its own. It could even be the same cog…probably is. :confused: Anyway, to day I asked, 'Blight of oops! sorry :blush: ‘Light of my Life’, if she remembered the SpiroGraph we used to have? Not only did she remember it, she informed me, its in a box in the attic. Im not sure exactly, but it could be almost 40yrs old.

I think it only right and fitting, that she goes up into the attic and digs it out. She was the teacher that all the other teachers would send for, whenever there was an arachna attack in their classrooms. I mean, there could be all kinds of wildlife in attics, couldnt there? :open_mouth: Well see what happens.
Take care.
Vic :wink:


Vic -

If your beautiful, wonderful, delightful spouse should happen upon any of the cogs that used to fit in my brain while she is locating the Spirograph – please send them to me ASAP. All I seem to have is the odd cog here or there. :slight_smile:


Who?! :open_mouth:,wot?!! :confused:

, :open_mouth: where?!!

,who`s? :open_mouth:

y dont mean [size=150]mine!!![/size] d y Haaaaaaaaaa!! Heeeee!! Y may be short of a few cogs, but, yavent lost y` sense of humour :laughing: Haaaaaaa!

I`ve got bellyache now