Reminders and writing prompts

Writing can be a difficult task, and certainly most writers get stalled from time to time. I’ve been using an App called Day One which has apps on Mac and iOS, which is a kind of journaling app. You write quick entries that you can tag and which sync seamlessly between platforms. One nice feature is that you can be prompted at a set time each day to write something. On the Mac, it further will show a random writing prompt each time you open the main application (there is also a quick-entry menubar item).

While I like Day One, my primary writing goes on in Scrivener. I was wondering if you could add some similar features, like timed reminders, writing prompts, etc. I thought perhaps there could be different prompts for different document types. For example, someone writing a script would get different prompts than someone writing a short story, who would get different prompts from someone writing a novel. In this sense I’m not talking about prompts that are story ideas, but rather prompts on things like character development, structure, etc.

I could also see a use for a journal in Scrivener. A sort of document that you could add to through a menubar item or in the iOS app, and would be built even without opening it per-se. A sort on continuing document that you could add ideas and snippets to, not connected to any specific project. The journal interface could separately offer the kind of writing prompt that some people like, such as writing about you first X, you childhood memory of Y, you favorite place Z, etc.