Removal of Custom Meta-Data

I have used a Custom Meta-Data field to tag documents with a Year. Later I have deleted that field in the Meta-Data Settings panel.
Now I have noticed that when I make a Project Search with the option Custom Meta-Data (and Reg Ex) I still get hits for documents earlier tagged with a certain year.
Is that correct? Is the Meta-Data still there?
If so, is there a way to remove it?

I don’t think it is intentional, but yes, deleting a meta-data field does not delete the data assigned to each individual item, and that in turn is used to produce the search index, which causes what you are seeing. I’ve checked an in-house build of Scrivener, and that peculiarity should be fixed going forward.

OK, thanks, good to have it verified.
Do you see any way to remove the attached meta-data?

Perhaps re-create the Custom meta data field exactly as before, re-do the search and manually remove the data from each document found? Then remove the Custom field once more. A bit long-winded perhaps depending how many documents there are, but it should work.