Remove a word from dictionary

Hi, I’ve accidentally added a misspelled word to the dictionary and would like to remove it. Initially I assumed that Scrivener used the global OS X dictionary but following steps to remove words from that one showed me that the word isn’t present (but other words I’ve deliberately added are as expected). Does Scrivener use a separate file somewhere else to store these custom words? I know the word is incorrectly spelled but I can’t find a dictionary file in any of OS X’s traditional locations which includes it. Thanks!

You are correct, Scrivener does use OS X’s global dictionary, you should be seeing the custom words you’ve added, in a text file located in this ~/Library/Spelling folder. Have you made sure that spell checking is turned on? If you type in gibberish, does it get underlined? If not make sure “Check Spelling While Typing” is checked off in the Edit/Spelling sub-menu.

Yeah it’s definitely turned on, I notice other things (like character names for example) being treated as misspelled. I went back to do a second pass of a chapter draft and I noticed “unmistakeable” was in the text even though that’s not a word. :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t find it in the global OS X dictionary but it was obviously added somehow.

I have the philosopher’s name “Merleau-Ponty” coming up as “Mzerleau-Ponty” in Scrivener for Mac 3.1.5 on Catalina. I followed the instructions above and found the text file, but “Mzerleau-Ponty” was not in there. So I did not put it in my dictionary. Any ideas how to fix this misspelling?

The “Mzerleau-Ponty” spelling might just be an error in Apple’s spelling suggestions. I get it too on Catalina. Thanks, Apple? :neutral_face: The easiest way to fix it is to add the correct spelling to the custom list (just right-click the correct version that is showing as misspelled and select “Learn Spelling”). After that, it shouldn’t show as misspelled and the correct spelling should be the suggestion if you do mistype it.

That works. Thanks!

He, I’m writing a sci-fi in Scrivener 3 for Windows. I accidentally added the wrong spelling for an alien species I made up. I’ve added the correct spelling, but is there a way to remove the wrong one? Thanks!

You should be able to type the spelling you want to remove, right-click on it, and select “unlearn”. That works on the Mac.