Remove automatic indent

Every time I start a new document it automatically indents the first line of a paragraph. How can I turn that off?

Of course the minute I asked, I find it. Never mind, :confused:

Sometimes it’s worth asking just so that you can suddenly find it and get on with things. It’s like looking for keys or where you put your glasses. :slight_smile:

how can I permanently remove the 1st line indent, and
draw/insert a horizontal line?

To change your default formatting, go to the Editor tab of Tools > Options… and use the format bar and ruler to adjust the sample text. (The blue A button on the left of the format bar opens the font options.) Click OK to apply the changes and close the Options. Your new defaults will apply to all new documents you create (in any project); to change existing documents to match, select them in the binder (Ctrl- or Shift-click to select multiple) and then choose Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style.

There isn’t currently an option within Scrivener to insert a horizontal line. An underlined tab would be the way to do this, setting the tab stop wherever you want to end the line.

Keekeepee, your forum tag is set to “Mac”, but this is a Windows thread. If you are are on a Mac, you can insert a rule with the Edit/Insert/Horizontal Lines/ menu.

Secondly, if you wrote in to tech support with these questions: ensure you have checked your spam filters, and whitelist our address. If that wasn’t you, then ignore that bit. :slight_smile:

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