Remove Folder Text?

Hi guys,

Just working on a very big project with folders for chapters. Problem is, somehow I wound up with text attached to several of the folders, but, when I click on the folder in question, I get a blank document; I’ve checked, and there are no carriage returns or empty lines in it, but still the folder icons show as having text. None of the three view option buttons - scrivenings, corkboard, or outline - are currently clicked. Can’t figure out how to remove the text from the folders… any ideas? I’ve checked the user manual, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot on this topic.

—Andy H.

Do you have a synopsis for the folder?

You know what? Stupid me, I do. I forgot that it does that when you add synopsis text, too!

Not stupid. Just one of those things that catches you by surprise if you don’t do it all the time. That inspector is easy to forget about.