Remove header/footer from sections

Is there a way to manually disable headers/footers on specific sections?

I understand the default use case is with chapter openings and checking the box “no header or footer on: Single Pages”. However, most of my work is on single pages, so I don’t want to remove headers from the majority of the book. I want to remove headers/footers based on section layout type or manually. Any help would be much appreciated here!

There are a few additional options in that area, for changing header/footer settings based on the section (front matter using lowercase Roman numerals, for instance), but yeah, as for just arbitrarily changing the header style throughout the document, you’ll need to do that kind of detailing in a word processor after compiling.

Even if we did allow for that, it would be potentially awkward considering that one page could be comprised of two, or even 25 individual section layouts. If they all have different header/footer settings, which drives the page? The one that has five words from the last paragraph that carried over from the previous page? The first section cut on the page, even if it only has one line at the bottom of the page? These are all similar reasons for why you can’t use section-specific placeholders (like <$title>) in these fields, too.

It’s easier to stick with formulaic, and commonly used, page type switches, like left/right pages, title pages and major section changes.