Remove numbers and asterisks that appear when compiling

When compiling as paperback format for the Mac, Scrivener appears to assign numbers to my Chapters. Unfortunately, it’s assigned the number 1 to the page that says Part One instead of the actual Chapter 1 on the next page. So I now want to remove this automatic chapter numbering altogether. How do I do this?

I also want to remove the *** that appears at the end of the images that I have in one chapter. I did not place these asterisks in the body of the text but upon compiling, they have inserted themselves there. How do I remove this?

Unsure why the software compiles these add-ons when the actual text does not have them?

It sounds like default behaviour in the compile options. You need to edit them. Check out this blog post (not mine) that explains it well. in Scrivener: Chapter titles and numbering)

Similarly, the scene break is an option that can be edited.

Thanks Connor but that blog post is using an outdated Scrivener software and the instructions are not easy to follow with the new version of Scrivener.

Can someone PLEASE help me with this? I have spent an hour trying to untick various options in the edit format function for Chapter in order to remove the automatic numbering system but nothing works. Every time I compile, the numbering system is there at the start of each chapter. Why could Scrivener not have made this user friendly? A simple “do you want automatic numbering?” option would have been greatly appreciated.


Attached is the screenshot of my attempt to remove the automatic numbering system. Where do I go to remove this numbering system?

This doesn’t directly answer your question, but this recent thread is about how to do the reverse, so it might be helpful in giving you clues of where to go:

In your screenshot, the <$t:chapter> placeholder generates chapter numbers in title-case words. Remove everything in the “Title Prefix” box to get rid of the word “Chapter” as well as the numbers. See Section 24.2.8 in the manual for a full discussion of auto-numbering options.

See Section 24.4 in the manual for a full discussion of the Separators pane, which is where the asterisks are probably coming from.

Why is there no “do you want auto-numbering option?” What kind of numbering? Words? In what language? Arabic numerals? Roman numerals? Hierarchical outline numbering? Does it reset with every part, or are chapters numbered continuously from beginning to end? And then ask the same questions for every element in the project, including sections, sub-sections, sub-sub-sections, appendices… The number of possible permutations is quite large, and I can pretty much guarantee that someone, somewhere, uses all of them.


The Paperback format that you’re editing has many section layouts available, which are assigned in the middle section of the main compile window to the different section types your project’s documents use. So first off, you’ll want to be sure that your documents that are “Parts” and your documents that are “Chapters” are assigned different section types–you can see this in the right-hand pane of the compile window, where it lists the documents compiling–and that those types then are assigned to appropriate layouts.

The Paperback format comes with some layouts that will assign the “Part” text and number and others that will do the same for “Chapter” with each of those using separate numbering streams (so you can have a Part 1 followed by a Chapter 1). Alternatively, if you have entered the text and numbering yourself within the documents or titles, you could choose layouts that don’t include this at all–again, the Paperback format does have a few layouts that include the title text but don’t add numbering. You may be able to most easily solve your problem simply by reassigning layouts.

If you do need to edit the format to make further adjustments, you’ll see that the names of the section layouts currently assigned are bolded in the list in the Section Layout formatting pane. These are the ones you’ll want to tweak in order to see the changes–or else, if you edit a different layout or create a new one, you’ll want to be sure to assign it after saving the changes to the format. In the screenshot example above, the selected “Chapter Title” layout isn’t currently in use (note the “Unused” text at the bottom of the table), so even if you fix the numbering here by deleting the prefix text, it won’t make any visible difference in compiling your project unless you then assign this “Chapter Title” layout to the section type your documents use.

For removing the “* * *” divider, I’d take a look at the “Text Layout” pane in the format editor. There is an option there to “Replace empty line separators that fall across pages” which allows a custom separator; the Paperback format does have that enabled by default and it uses that triple asterisk divider, so likely that’s the setting you want to disable.