Remove scrivener completely,,, how?

I repeatedly get the "cannot connect to license server’ error and then scriv crashes.

I think this is related to the auto installer not removing the previous version.

I currently have two listings of scriv installs in the system- apps dialog.

During the beta phase there were 10+ listings.

So, i want to completely remove scriv and then install fresh. Maybe the errors will be deported.

(and: how do i attach an image?)

I use Revo Uninstaller portable in Advance mode. (Direct download: Download Revo Uninstaller Freeware Portable - Free and Full Download)

Thank you… My concern is that there are two installation listed… Are they in the same folders? Obviously, there are more than one registry entries,…

And so on…

Sad, support has not addressed this issue, which has been posted by many.

They should have version numbers to identify them. What I believe is happening is that you are mistaking version 1.9.x for version they are in two different directories. Unless you have a compelling reason to keep the older version, your best bet is to get rid of it. Different beta versions and the current version should not make a difference. The beta versions did not have any licensing code in them (you could NOT license them). The beta versions had a shut off date built into them. A simple add/remove programs built into Windows would remove the older version before you would install the newer version (as the beta versions told you about). But, the Revo Uninstaller approach is the remove it all, including registry entries for the program, just to be absolutely certain the program is gone. You will want to reinstall the latest version if you wish to continue using Scrivener. If you made changes to the Scrivener Preferences, you will probably want to save those before doing the tactical nuke option using Revo.

Sadly, Scrivener support covers just Scrivener. Basic OS support should be covered by Microsoft. Good luck getting that. Getting help for Adding and removing programs is Microsoft support. Getting a developer to spend the time with you on basic OS support is like trying to get Einstein to help you with basic math. Probably isn’t going to happen.

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Thank you for your response

During beta there were 10 listings for 1.9.

Now, there are two listings for 3.

I can uninstall one, the other then is uninstallable from this dialog.

Prolly could it removed using the control panel applications dialog.

I was hoping for some clarity as to removing all scriv files, and registry entries. A scriv standalone uninstaller would be nice.

But, gonna try it all, and maybe use ccleaner,…

scrivener aps

I uninstalled scriv… Installed… And again today i got the error: cannot connect to license server."

This is just stupid. How about lit&lat provide a complete remover to help fix this?

It’s not because of the duplicate registry entries (but they can be removed by a decent 3rd party uninstaller). It’s more likely a wifi glitch, an antivirus ACTING like a virus as they often do, or a problem at Paddle, the license server. Some people have found that the license info at Paddle was corrupted. For license issues, you need to open a support ticket.

Literature & Latte support

Thank you for your response.

I have two computers not connected to network/wifi, that never have this error displayed.

Ethernet cable to the router from this machine.

The AV has been adjusted to not block scrivener doing anything…
That might prove dangerous to English civilization.

Nearly everyday this message is displayed…

Gonna try again with deep eradication, and re-installation,…

Contact Literature & Latte Support for license issues, especially like this one.