Removing an Auto-fill?

I see advice online about how to add new names or autofill to text. How does one remove an autofill feature?

Somehow, whenever I type “philoso-” my autofill wants to jump in with “philosopPHIE”.

I’m not really sure why or how this happened, but it is extraordinarily unhelpful, and also annoying, because I am a philosopher and write words related to philoso- quite frequently.

I can’t seem to find out how to remove auto-fill features from Scrivener. Or perhaps it is a global computer feature? Whatever it is, if anyone has any advice about how to remove this, I would be very grateful! Thank you!

-a philosopPHIEr

The project auto-complete list can be found in the Project → Project Settings pane.

The Mac OS system-wide list can be found in the Apple → Settings → Keyboard → Text Input → Text Replacements pane.

Thanks for this response.

Weirdly, I don’t see anything listed in either place. Is it possible that the autocompletion of philo- with the rest of the word in French and in capital letters could come from somewhere else?

If you have predictive text turned on, it’s also possible that the weird capitalization was somehow added to the spelling dictionary.