Removing custom separator at end of scene / bottom of page

I’m struggling with the removal of a custom separator. Please check the attached screenshot.

The structure of my document is like this:

  • Folders set as sections
  • Text files in folders set as scenes

When I run compile, I sometimes get three asterisks at the end of a page (like you see above). This happens when a scene ends on one page, and the next scene starts on the following page. Scrivener then replaces the standard ‘empty line between scenes’ with three asterisks. I’ve been trying all kinds of things to get rid of those three stars, but to no avail. Any clues?

You can change this by editing the compile format. Ctrl-click the format in the list on the left of the compile window and choose “Edit Format”–or, if that’s not available (built-in templates can’t be edited directly), choose “Duplicate & Edit Format”. In the window that opens, select “Text Layout”, then deselect the option to “Replace empty line separators that fall across pages”. Click Save and you’re done. :slight_smile:

(If you duplicated rather than simply editing, you’ll want to provide a name for your new format at the top before saving, and you can choose whether to save it to the Project Formats, which makes it part of this particular project only, or My Formats, which makes it useable in any of your projects on that machine.)

Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for. I stubbornly kept looking for a solution in the Separators section. Ah, that wonderful moment when you feel stupid for having overlooked the obvious :mrgreen: