Removing documents from compile

Normally I’d use the Desktop version for compiling. I want to do a quick compile to PDF from iOS of my first two chapters. I need to turn off 15+ chapters, each broken down into scenes. This means navigating to and selecting each folder AND every scene inside them, holding down on them until they “popup” a menu allowing me to toggle the “include in compile” switch to OFF.

Is there a better way to do this on iOS?

On desktop, I would have a list I could check.

There is another way.

Move the chapters you want to compile inside a new folder inside your project Draft folder–you might title it “Chapters One and Two, Beta 1”, or what you like. Then, in the Binder, swipe left on this folder and tap More…

In the pop-up menu that appears, tap Compile Contents.

You’ll now be able to compile only those two chapters. Afterwards, you can move them back to their normal place in your Binder. You can keep the new folder for later use as a way to partial compile, or delete it-- your choice.