Removing files from ios


I have files in Dropbox for Mac and IOS. If I remove files from IOS will that effect (remove) those files stored in Dropbox?

Interesting and important question. Normally you should be paying only attention not to the Dropbox files (in a “package”) but the status of the files on the other device that you sync (with Dropbox). I recommend you create a test Scrivener project with files/chapters and get sync going. Then delete on one device and see what happens, after synching is allowed to complete, on the other device. This will help you get a sense of what is going on.

Thanks for your reply and suggestion.

I created a new project and synced it as you advised. Checked that it showed in Dropbox and in IOS which it did.
Then deleted it in IOS and it’s still showing in Dropbox.
So, much thanks again, although I’m slightly anxious that when I delete the files in IOS that I don’t want it might not work the way it did the first time. :laughing:

but what does it look like after you delete on IOS, let Scrivener and dropbox complete sync fully. then on other device that you sync (only point of Dropbox is to sync) after full sync what does it look like?

focus on the two devices after full sync.

I checked again and the files I deleted in IOS have been deleted in Dropbox. I can recover those files via Time Machine but how can I keep them in Dropbox for Mac but not in IOS?

I don’t think you can. Dropbox will sync everything that is in the Dropbox folder. If you dont’ want the files deleted BECAUSE you can recover with TimeMachine, then I recommend you don’t delete the files.

TimeMachine is for backup and restoration of past versions of files. Great that you are using it.

Scrivener uses Dropbox for synching to other devices and is NOT a backup (just in case you were thinking it was).

In Dropbox, you have a root folder that Scrivener for iOS syncs to (usually Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener by default.) If you make sure everything is synced between iOS and Dropbox and the Mac, then (on the Mac) you can move the project out of that folder but still within Dropbox. To the iOS device, that will look like a deletion, but you still have the files accessible on the Mac, in a location where Dropbox can still access them.

Yes, I realised I don’t need to keep files in Dropbox unless I want to sync them. So the files I wanted deleted in IOS, which I’ve done, I store in iCloud.
Thanks for your help.

Thanks for your advice. I’ve deleted the files in IOS that I don’t need. The files in Dropbox that I don’t need to sync I’ve removed from Dropbox and stored in iCloud.

Oh, and don’t forget that when you delete stuff in Scrivener, it goes into its “Trash” and stays there until you empty and/or recover.

And I recommend you use Scrivener’s automatic backup creation … on opening the file and on closing the file. I save 25 old copies – well, just because I have plenty of disk space. I save these backups to the local drive, and these then are backed up with TimeMachine and Backblaze.

Can’t have too many backups.

Thank you. I have automatic backup on and I’ve emptied the trash. I also save backups to the local drive. So all good here :smiley:

Just to reiterate the main idea of this thread: the whole point of Dropbox is to make all connected devices identical. Don’t delete anything on one device that you don’t want gone on all of them. This is one of the most important reasons why Dropbox alone is not an adequate backup.

(This becomes especially critical if one of your connected devices is lost, stolen, or – like a work computer – didn’t belong to you in the first place. Deauthorize the device in your Dropbox account as soon as you realize that it’s out of your control.)

Thanks for that. What should I do to create another backup?

why do you need another backup? i am not sure you are fully aware of your situation. i might be wrong about that, though.

: dropbox. scrivener used it for sync only. pay little attention to it other than to watch that sync completes. nor is it a back up of anything! you are misusing it if you need to routinely access anything there.

: scrivener backups. you say you have them. i recommend doing it automatically and save many copies. i save 25 to local drive (which is backed up).

: timemachine backup on your mac(s). you say you have and you know how to use. good

: do icloud backups of your ios devices. you have not mentioned.

where is your concern?

do you know how and have tested restores from these backup locations.

This is an old post, but still applicable:

We also have a Knowledge Base article on iOS Scrivener backups specifically here:

Thanks for that. I do have Time Machine which has come in very useful when I’ve accidentally deleted something.

I can :white_check_mark: all those suggestions and tips. My concern was the first question I asked i.e. deleting files in IOS etc.
Now that’s all clear and understood I’m fine.
Thank very much for your help.