Removing Fonts

You can add custom fonts to your iOs App putting them inside a special folder: Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener/Fonts

  1. It is not clear, though, if we need to keep the fonts inside this folder forever, or if we can delete them after they are uploaded in the iOs App.
  2. It is possible to remove the fonts going to the settings of your iPhone or iPad -> choose from the list of App -> Scrivener -> Reset Scrivener –> Remove all custom fonts. But the instructions are confusing: «Deletes all imported custom fonts the next time you quit and restart Scrivener». In the iOs App there is no such «quit and restart», and in fact, I am not able to delete the imported fonts in opening and closing the iOs App.

Thank you for clarifying.

Have a good day.

I can’t help with the font issue per se, but I can clarify “quit and restart.”

  1. Get back to the Home Screen, where you can see the Scrivener icon, along with the other apps’ icons.
  2. Double-tap the Home button, so that you see the gallery of apps in memory.
  3. Slide Scrivener up, so that it no longer shows in the app gallery.

You have now removed Scrivener from memory, which is exactly the same thing as quitting a desktop app. Tap the Scrivener icon now, and the app is reloaded into memory, thus restarting it. Your reset should take effect. I haven’t tried it with fonts, but it works for resetting the Dropbox cache.

Hope this helps.

Wonderful: this is the solution! Thank you very much.