Removing Formatting (e.g.Heading to normal Text)


I’m new to scrivener and it is one great peace of software. Really, it’s closer to perfect than anything i tried before.

However, i have some questions:

  1. How can i remove any applied formatting from selected text or a whole paragraph? Maybe even with a shortcut? When i set the formatting to e.g. “subheadline” i cannot continue writing without the subheadline formatting in the next line. In general there would be a lot of cases where removing formatting came handy. I sometimes need to reset the formating of a whole page to the standard textformatting.

  2. How to apply formatting/presets via keyboard shortcut? Grabbing the mouse each time i want to define a list or a heading feels inconvenient.

  3. I have a vertical splitwindow. On the left i have the outline, on the right i have the writing area. How can i set scrivener to show the contents i choose in the outline in the writing area? I want to connect the two in someway.

Sorry for the bad english, i’m from continental europe.

I appreciate every attempt to help.

Regards, Martin.

Hi Martin,

Welcome aboard, and many thanks for the kind words. Answers inline below:

There’s not really such a thing as “removing” all formatting, as all text is formatted, so I’m not sure I understand you properly here. The best way would be to set up a preset with the formatting you want by default and apply that.

You can apply keyboard shortcuts to any menu item using the System Preferences Keyboard settings - so you can use those to apply shortcuts to the items in the Format > Formatting > Apply Preset menu.

Click on the icon of the two arrows below the outliner (in the footer bar) so that the arrows turn blue.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Thanks for your great help.

Unfortunatly it is not easy to set a shortcut for unsorted lists (bullet)? The name of the menu item is a bullet and osx seems not to like it.

Apart fom that, is there a possibility to save the setup of scrivener (especially my custom layout) for future projects? I want the arrangement of windows and areas saved.

You can save layouts using View > Layout > Show Layouts.
All the best,

Thanks and keep up the good work.

You should be able to do this. In Scrivener, set up some sample text in the Editor using the list style you want. Select the bullet character and copy it (don’t include any blank space around it). Go to Keyboard Shortcuts in System Preferences and paste that bullet character as the menu title, then assign it the keyboard shortcut you want.

Another, built-in, route is to just use the keyboard shortcut opt-tab to create a list and then use opt-cmd-right/left arrow to cycle through the styles.

(Side note, the Previous/Next List Style commands don’t cycle through the styles in the order they’re presented in the menu. Bug?)

Very helpful. I will try it later on.