Removing Indents In Custom ToC For epubs

My final compile is for epub. I know how to create an auto Table Of Contents. I only have a series of folders it needs to index, no sub folders. It’s indenting everything after the first chapter.

I want everything lined up. Where do I edit for that? The previous version of Scrivener had a menu showing level 1, level 2 stuff, etc. I can’t find that menu.

Now, I have a custom version that I created that DOES line up and works fine. I had to use SECTION in the SECTION TYPE menu:

I suspect I’m missing some “secret sauce” when I do this. The manual says this:

I want this validate. What am I missing? When I use the Table Of Contents choice, the indents come back. I want those damn indents to go away. :slight_smile:

First, the auto ToC should line up, so it’s a good idea to work out what’s going wrong there. A quick fix might be just ticking “Use flat table of contents” in the ToC options in Compile. I’m interested in why you aren’t getting a flat ToC to start with though. What is the structure in your binder?

As for the custom ToC, it’s probably a better idea to create use the Table of Contents Section Type and then choose an appropriate Section Layout for that type in Compile, You want to have only a title that users a header HTML level (set either via Format > Paragraph > HTML Header Level) or via the Compile Section Layouts setup) and, directly after it, the list of links to your chapters.

If you could post a sample project showing the issue, that might allow me to see the problem quickly.

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Yea, that was it - “use flat table of contents” check box. (along with the Toc section type)

The default also lines up when checked. I needed a custom one because I added something to each chapter number.

=== 1 day later ====

The epub compiled perfectly, no indents. Now the dreaded ToC indents are back when I compile a Kindle/Mobi via KindleGen.

I still have USE FLAT TABLE OF CONTENTS checked.

I got the dreaded KindleGen compile error at first. Did some snooping around here, found that I had to change PAGE TITLE STYLE to NONE in HTML elements.

Does this have anything to do with it?

Or am I just pushing my luck with this? Expecting everything to compile correctly? :confused:

I think it would definitely be a good idea to let us have a look at your project at this point. Could you please either create a sample project showing the issue and attach it to this thread (zipped up) or zip up and send the actual project to

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