Removing Index in Kindle Export

This is driving me crazy!

I simply want to export my ebook in .mobi format for Kindle but I cannot find a way to stop the index being added to the front of the book.

Any ideas? Anyone? Please…

You don’t want an index, at all?

Certainly not at the front of the exported book, no. It’s fiction so an index isn’t of much use to the reader.

If you choose ‘All options’ and Format As: Custom in the Compile dialogue you have Layout in the middle of the Left menu. There you can uncheck ‘Generate HTML table of contents’.

Does that work?

If you plan on selling via Kindle Direct Publishing, you ad a cover separately when you upload the book. You can also include a cover when you fix the mobi-file directly in Scrivener, in the Compile dialogue - Cover. The cover is seen in the Amazon book store but not always in the Kindle reader, depending on your reader.

By the way, an index can be of use to a reader if you want to jump to a specific place in an ebook, even in fiction.

Thanks so much - but I can’t even see the ‘Layout’ option in the left pane. :cry:

Have you choosen ‘All options’ at the top, and custom?

I’m either very unobservant, or there is no ‘All Options’…

Ah… It looks just like the Mac version, except that there is no Layout option.

Ebooks actually have two “indexes”: the menu that the ebook reader provides, and the author’s Table of Contents. It’s possible to get rid of the second, but not the first. Which are you considering here?


I don’t know Katherine - but I assume the author’s table on contents.

Nobody know?

This is so frustrating!


Sadly that’s about 3 years old Briar and I’m sure there now has to be a solution within Scrivener. Thanks for looking though. :slight_smile:


Looking through the release notes, I can’t see anything that indicates that a table of contents can be removed (as yet) within Windows Scrivener—though I might well be wrong. … geList.php

Katherine, above, is one of the mods. I assume she would have detailed a quick fix in Windows Scrivener if one existed.

Hopefully a fellow Windows user or a mod can help. If not, tech support on

Good luck

I’ve now had a reply from the support team and for the benefit of anyone else trying to find a solution, there isn’t one within the Windows version of Scrivener.