Removing Keywords

I’m not sure how, but I have some documents with what looks like the keywords from the first chapter of a different project. (Maybe I copied and pasted the original document; I don’t remember.)

Anyway, I want to remove those keywords, but they aren’t in the keyword HUD. Does there happen to be a faster way than deleting them individually from each document? They aren’t even for this story.


The keywords HUD doesn’t necessarily have all of the keywords in a project because keywords only get entered into the list upon creation, for one, and secondly they do not remove existing keywords when removed. So even if you could see the appropriate keywords in the HUD, you wouldn’t be able to remove them from there. It does facilitate batch rename, but that is all at the moment. You’ll have to remove them all from each document, I’m afraid.

And yes it is most likely you got a document from one project into the second one. When documents are moved between projects, they retain most of their meta-data.

What Amber says. :slight_smile: I’ll only add that in 2.0, Scrivener will give you option of having the HUD remove keywords from documents when they are removed from the HUD too, as keywords work a little differently in 2.

Ah. Thanks! :mrgreen: