Removing page numbers

What was easy in Scrivener2, is impossible to find in Scrivener3. How can I remove page numbers in Compile?

It’s the same as in Scrivener 2, but you have to edit the Compile format.

  1. Select the Compile Format in Compile.

  2. Ctrl-click on it.

  3. If it’s a custom format, select “Edit”, otherwise select “Duplicate & Edit Format”.

  4. Change the settings under “Page Settings”.

I definitely recommend going through the sections aimed at Scrivener 2 users in the Tutorial project or taking a look at the transition guide. Compile has changed a lot since Scrivener 2 and is now much more powerful, more flexible (it’s easier to share formats between projects of different structures) and easier over all - but it takes a little re-learning if you are used to Scrivener 2’s way of doing things.

Hm. (New user here, on Mac) I have got as far as ‘change Page Settings’ but haven’t any idea what to change. I need to remove the page numbers, as my work will be part of a larger PDF with its own numbering.

PS I have found a temporary way round it… to start headers and footers on p.10 (there are only 8 pages!). This worked, but I would like to be able to do it properly.


  1. Page Settings

  2. Click on the “Header and Footer Text” tab

  3. Clear the page-number placeholder (<$p>) from the “First Pages” and the “Main Body” tabs