Removing web links


I understand how to remove Scrivener links, however web links (for example all the sometimes-annoying links that show up if you paste text from a wiki) are something I don’t know how to remove. I can delete them and re-enter text, but I can’t keep the text while deleting the link (in MS Word, you simply place the cursor behind the link and press Backspace, which deletes the link before it deletes the first character.

Similarly, when I copy/paste a web page into Scrivener, and then press Space or Enter, it doesn’t create a web link. Thus, there’s no way to just click it and go to the page on Firefox or whatever; you have to copy/paste.

Any help on this? It’s easy to do in Word and I’d imagine Scrivener has a way to do these things.


Sorry, but since the question seems simple, might I shamelessly bump this thread for one more go?

Sorry I missed this one. Just select the linked text and choose Edit>Unlink. (There should be a context menu command for this too, it just got missed in this beta, but that will be available in the future as well.)

For creating the link, the auto-detection there is a little tricky. Try copying the url straight from the browser’s address bar, if you’re not–that usually links it. (You can also just drag and drop from the address bar.) Likewise copying a link from somewhere else if the text is already linked there, e.g. a text link from a Word document. If your text doesn’t come up as a link–or just to create a link on any text–select it and then choose Edit>Add Link…