Renaming Characters / Places

Is there a way to use a Character Sketch or Setting Sketch to name/rename a character / place? (or Keywords, or other feature I’ve yet to thoroughly explore)

If I have i.e. “He called to [[Bob]].”

But I wanted to rename Bob throughout the entire project to Joe.

Is there a way to do this other than Project Replace?

The only other way I can think of is to do a careful read-through and change every Bob, Robert, Rob, Boboreno, Bobinski, Bobinator, etc… to “Joe” equivalents.

Character sketch documents are just like any other document in the binder; there’s nothing to link them to the characters you are writing about. Project Replace is the way to go, just be sure to check the options to match on whole words only, unless you want to change “Bobcats” to “Joecats” and other similar gaffes. Make a backup (File->Back up->Back Up to…) before you do the replacement, I’d name it Superdupernovel-BobToBecomeJoe-Backup or something like that. You might even expand all of the folders and stacked documents in your binder, select them all, and take a “Pre-BobToJoe” document snapshot too, so you can do easy comparisons between the two versions.