Renaming Scrivener Project file

I think something got clobbered along the way. Regardless I’m trying to apply a meaning full name to the project. For some reason it is now called “Scrivener back up 2012_05_19_20_36_10.scriv.” Want to change that to the actual manuscript name.

Question: How can I do that ?

Sounds like at some point you created a back up project of your work, and then proceeded to start working in the backup instead of carrying on in the original. If you do not back up often, you might wish to consider making another one if that is the case. Working in your backup file kind of negates it being a backup. :slight_smile:

Anyway, there isn’t anything special you need to do. Just make sure the project is closed and rename it like you would rename any other folder. That’s all it is. You should leave the .scriv part on the end, but otherwise it’s all up to you.

Thanks. I’ll try that. I back up to an external hard drive everyday and had my project get corrupted. I didn’t lose the project, but I had to restore with that backup name.
LAter, Bill

Ah, that makes perfect sense then. Sounds like you have a good system in place.

Couldn’t find the Scrivener Project file, so I created one outside Scrivener and did a save as. So, if I do a save will it go to the same place as the ‘save as’ file??

These work just like other programs with Save and Save As. The former saves in place (and typically doesn’t do much since the program auto-saves) and the later creates a new copy and moves editing to the copy.

Have you tried searching your computer using Explorer, though?

I don’t really follow what you are describing here. How did you create a project without using Scrivener? Also, I know the terminology can get a little fuzzy sometimes (thanks to the Mac making certain folders look like files) but a project is a folder not a file. Just making sure that is clear. You are looking for a folder with that name, and everything inside that folder is a part of the project. It is thus the folder that you will be renaming.

Yes, folder…my error.
Yes I have used explorer and can’t find where the project is ‘saved’ when doing a save. The new folder I created as the ‘save as’ for the project, I can find and it has the project. So, is there a way that I can find out where the project is being ‘saved’ ?? I think I installed everything with the Scrivener defaults but can’t be sure.

I created the project several months ago when I first bought the program, but don’t remember the details, other than just following the onscreen instructions. In fact I’m working on two different projects.

Unfortunately there isn’t a way of finding the location of a project you already have open. That’s strange that Explorer cannot find it though. Perhaps it was on the external disk and the search index doesn’t look there.

I’ll check that, but with the new folders, in a different location than the Scrivener backup, I think I’m OK now. Thanks !

FYI: I pulled the hard drive and did a save. No problem, but where is it saved ??? At least I can do the ‘save as’ and I know where that goes :wink:

It’s saved right over the project you loaded, so I don’t know… wherever you loaded it from. :slight_smile: This is the same as “Save” in every other program. When you save something it overwrites the thing you loaded. The only time this could get confusing is if you consistently rely upon the feature that reopens projects you had open before, or use the Recent Projects menu, and totally forget where the original project as saved. Otherwise, it should just be wherever you double-clicked the .scrivx.

Just following along with that, if you opened your project and then chose “Save As” to Location Z, the project you are now working in is that new copy that’s saved in Location Z. All further “Save” actions at this point will save to Location Z. If you choose “Save As” again, you’ll be creating a third copy, saved now to Location Y, and your saves will now apply to this copy in Location Y. You’d be leaving a trail of projects as you go, with the original being the oldest and your copy in Location Y containing the most recent edits. This isn’t typically a great way to work on a single project, since you end up with out-of-date copies of the project scattered across your drive; especially if you’re using the same project name, and just choosing a different location, this can get incredibly confusing. The “Back Up” feature is the better way to make a backup (and it sounds like you’ve already got a strong backup system in place with your external drive), and “Save As” is most useful for forking a project.

When you used Windows Explorer to search for your project, did you try just searching for the “.scriv” folder extension? That might be more successful than trying to find the full name.