Renumbering item names in the binder


I’m new here so hopefully this is not too dumb a question. Anyway, I’ve checked the FAQ and couldn’t find it, so here goes.

Is there any easy way of renumbering item (and folder) names in a folder in the binder. I know you can merge the documents together and then split them again, but this is cumbersome for large documents with many chapters and scenes.

Obviously you wouldn’t want this to automatically happen but it would certainly be a nice thing to be able to do if you delete a chapter from the beginning a 100k book like I’ve just had to do.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Phill, you’ll want to use autonumbering. For example, the way I did it was to prepend "Chapter <$n>: " to the title of each chapter. These get numbered on export. You can also use Insert|Auto-Number so you don’t have to remember the syntax.

There’s no way to see the chapter numbers while you’re in Scrivener, though. And I don’t think there’s any way to do smart cross-references (e.g., “see Chapter 3”) short of using LaTeX.

Exactly - use the <$n> tag instead of adding the actual number. The next version makes this easier. Really, you don’t want to see lots of <$n> tags in the binder, so in the next version it allows you to prefix such tags to your titles at the Compile stage.

Thanks guys I’ll give it a try.

Are there more of these inline global variable codes? And if so where do I find out about them.



Yes, there are more. It’s covered in the help file, under “The Edit Menu”.

There’s some more - for more advanced use - in the FAQ, too.