Reorder styles and custom hotkeys in Styles Panel

Ideally, it would be wonderful to be able to re-order the different Styles in the Styles Panel. Secondary; It would be helpful to expand the hotkey editor for this to any custom hotkey.

Often different styles work together as a group. Multiple note taking styles set up for organization and readability, Screenplay styles that includes Scene headings, Action, Characters, and Dialogue. Heading levels, titles, etc.

Often these are created when the need arises. As you create your styles, they are added to the bottom of the list, so there’s no organization.

Desired behavior:
Reorder Styles
Styles are easier to find and organize by task if they can be reordered in the list. Click and drag of the Style element in the Styles Panel would be best. Alternatively a right-click option to move up/down would be a workable, if clunky, solution.

Custom Hotkeys
I like that these are available on hotkeys, that makes it really useful! I want more. :slight_smile: There are currently a max of 10 options. The option to set any combination would be nice.

Side note, right click to rename a style would be convenient.

Thanks for considering this! Windows user.


I do so by prefixing my styles’ name with a three digit number.

010, 020, 030 etc.
Then, later if needed, you can move one to 035, 037, 033 etc.


I have close to 40 styles, and, using this system, I can handle them as I please.
[EDIT – 50 on the dot, actually. I just counted them.]

You can rather go with 020, 040, 060, if you feel you’ll need a lot of moving them around over time. (That’ll give you twice the space.)
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As for the shortcuts, since the styles are accessible via ALT+, you could program a key combo for any of them, using auto-hotkey.

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Not to take anything away from your request, but that could get you there in the meantime.

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That is a great solution for re-ordering! Thanks for the tip. Certainly it could work better, but it works enough for now.

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